all-nighter-slidee-2016Have you ever wanted to have an All Night Party with your friends? Not the kind of party where no one can decide what to do, and everyone ends up falling asleep. Encounter’s All Nighter is the event you are looking for. It is an incredibly engaging event for students to bring their friends, and have a safe, fun night building community.
Students gather at the Block on Thursday November 10th at 7:00pm. We will then launch out for an unforgettable night that includes a pizza party at a trampoline warehouse, a stop at In-n-Out for some prizes and food, followed up by ice skating at Skatetown in Roseville, and then a bonfire and Dodgeball tournament at the Block. We finish by enjoying the sunrise as we dig into an all you can eat pancake breakfast. Parent pick up will be at 6::00am Friday, November 11th.


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Fall small groups

High school can be one of the most challenging times to build strong friendships that will last, especially with friends that share a strong faith in Jesus. That is why Encounter offers Small Groups from Septembers to May each year. These are groups of 8 to 12 students that meet weekly to build community, study the Bible, pray for one another, and to find support through all the crazy things that they go through. Each group has one to two adult leaders that are there to mentor, support, and lead the students in their group.

Small Groups meets at the Block on Wednesday nights from 7:00 – 8:30 PMSeptember 7th through December 7th. We will kick off the year on September 7th with a launch party at the Block. We will have dinner, hear about what this year of small groups will look like, and play games. Student’s are placed in groups after this night, and will officially start with their small group on September 14th. Their small groups will continue to meet every Wednesday through December 7th, when we start our Christmas break. We will also have no small groups on November 9th and 23rd.

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