This is an unforgettable experience for High School students. At Sly Park, students will experience the great outdoors, adventure sports, worship, the best camp food you can eat, and a speaker priming life changing group conversations. Students will get plugged into small groups that have the potential to transform their summer and their high school experience.

When:  July 10-14
Cost:  Launch weekend price $299 (March 18 and 19 only), after March 20 cost is $330

register   Registration will open on March 18!


Encounter students love to hang out! Once a month we gather after Encounter for some fun and community. On March 25 we will be at the Moody’s home (108 Llewellyn Ct Folsom)! Students are encouraged to bring their friends and arrive after Encounter at 8ish. We wrap up around 10 pm and there is always food.



Our 3rd annual Encounter Academy Awards will be a night to remember on Saturday, March 25th. Each year students submit videos that are creative, funny, and definitely unique. This night we celebrate that uniqueness. It will be a red carpet affair and students should dress formal and fun. Videos due by March 11th. If you would like more info or submit a video email dougroush@lakesidechurch.com



Mandatory training meetings:  January 29, March 12 and April 2.  All from 4:30-6 pm in the Block Dock

To donate to our City Impact Spring Break Trip Click Here

One new opportunity we have this year during our week at City Impact is putting on a Teacher Appreciation Week for the nine teachers at their school.  These teachers work with at-risk kids daily and have limited supplies and resources.  Our Student Ministries offerings during the month of March will go towards purchasing some school supplies for these teachers.  If your family would like the opportunity to purchase a specific school item, click here for their Amazon wish list.  You can either ship your item to Lakeside attn: Donna Pepper or drop off at the Block during the month of March.